Mrs. Carla Monti

Mrs. Carla Monti

Friday, February 15, 2019

Baha Mar Resort - Nassau, Bahamas!

My work went to Baha Mar, a new resort in the Bahamas, for a party, but for literally 30 hours. It was too little a time to spend in such a humongous resort - there were over 20 bars, cafes and restaurants on the property! I did manage to try 6 different places to eat/drink, which I think is impressive.

50 Ocean!

Four our fourth wedding anniversary this year, we went to have dinner at 50 Ocean in Delray.

They gave us complimentary La Marca Prosecco, which was sweet, and my husband ordered a pear ginger martini, which was delicious!

For appetizers, we ordered fried clams and smoked white fish dip. The fried clams were interesting, I had never eaten them in this way before: the kitchen removed the shells and just deep fried the actual clam meat itself. It was very good! We also ordered the appetizer special of the night - Caprese salad with lobster. This was easily the best dish of the night - the silky burrata cheese, fresh soft lobster meat, and light balsamic cream dressing was perfection.

We decided to share an entree, filet mignon with broccolini and lobster tail, in a Romesco sauce. This too was absolutely delicious.

The only bum note was the dessert - it was a mediocre chocolate cupcake with edible (?) gold sauce. It was certainly nothing special and I would have expected a higher caliber dessert from a place like this.

Crab & Lobster Ravioli!

As usual, I spent a good chunk of last Saturday morning perusing my two favorite grocery stores, Lucky's and Trader Joe's. At Lucky's, I picked up some fresh crab & lobster ravioli (I love the red striping on them) and at Trader Joe's, I picked up a tub of mushroom alfredo sauce. I combined the two for a lazy dinner at home Wednesday night, paired with a nice glass of wine, and it made for a perfect meal!

Valentine's Day! 2019

What a whirlwind holiday we just had!

First, Giuliana and I made some treats for her teachers and our friends. We cannot bring home made items to her school, so we made separate little valentines with goldfish and swedish fish for her classmates.

Then, my husband and I went to Houston's for Valentine's Day lunch:

And finally, we had friends over for Valentine's Day dinner at home!