Mrs. Carla Monti

Mrs. Carla Monti

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blue Apron: Part 4

Chicken & Sage Biscuit Pot Pie
  • I used half the sage, and I'm glad because the flavor was strong enough. I almost wish I used a little bit less, actually.
  • Okay the biscuits were DELICIOUS. The bottom half soaks up the delicious pot pie juices, and the top half is perfectly crisp and toasted - this is an amazing idea.
  • I wasn't a HUGE fan of the turnip - I would use potato next time, and leave out the carrot too. 
  • The chicken and the sauce were very tasty! 

Mexican Spiced Salmon With Black Rice, Avocado & Orange Salad

  • This one was okay. There was not enough spice rub for the salmon, I felt. The black rice was certainly interesting, but nothing special.
  • I knew from experience that I would not like sliced oranges to be in my savory salad, so I sliced them and served them as a side.
  • I left out the shallot vinaigrette as always, and just added olive oil to finish the dish.
  • I'm glad I bought an avocado on my own a few days before, because the avocado that came in this box was way too green.

Seared Chicken & Mashed Potatoes With Maple-Glazed Carrots & Pan Sauce

  • This one was tasty, although the pan sauce was lacking some flavor.
  • The maple-glazed carrots surprised me with how much I enjoyed them, they were much softened and had great flavor from the maple syrup and melted butter. 

Spicy Orange Chicken Wings With Shiitake-Sesame Rice

  • I never eat chicken wings, and I was surprised by how much I liked these. The spicy orange sauce was delicious, and caramelized the chicken meat.
  • The shiitake mushrooms were a little rubbery, so I picked them out of the rice. I would substitute something a little crunchy, like corn with the rice, next time. 

Steak Tacos & Mole Verde With Radishes & Avocado

  • These were very delicious! The mole verde sauce made with tomatillos was outstanding, and I would love to make it again.
  • I don't eat radishes, so I left it out, but the mole verde, combined with the fresh avocados, meant that the dish needed no other flavors.