Mrs. Carla Monti

Mrs. Carla Monti

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Black Bean Burgers ... take 4!

Considering that this is take 4 on a black bean burger recipe... can you tell I like making these?!

One of my favorite baking/food recipe blogs, Sally's Baking Addiction posted a video of her black bean burger recipe on Facebook, and I was hooked! I immediately saved the video to my "Meals" collection on Facebook (their save feature is pretty handy!) and added the ingredients required to my weekly Walmart grocery pickup order (literally the best concept EVER, especially for a busy working mama!)

When I read the recipe on the blog, I noticed Sally pointed out a unique trick - dry out the canned black beans in the oven FIRST, before mixing all the ingredients together to bake the patties. The purpose of this trick is to produce burgers that are less "mushy", as black bean (or any veggie) burger can usually be.

I tried this method ... but I have to say the burger still came out mushy. That's ok! I was expecting that anyway, and that kind of texture doesn't bother me if I am deliberately making a veggie-based burger. The pictures aren't pretty either (are they ever? of this kind of thing!) but that's not important. :)

Having said that, the flavor was excellent! I made them a bit spicy (cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili powder, etc) and my husband and I really enjoyed them. I toasted white sesame buns in the oven, and roasted some Russet potato wedges in the oven as well to serve alongside. I prepared the burger by adding mayo, shredded lettuce, and a big of shredded Mexican cheese to melt atop the (still warm) patty. YUM!

You can find the recipe link here!

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