Mrs. Carla Monti

Mrs. Carla Monti

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Veggie Burgers!

As usual, in my perusing of my Facebook newsfeed, interesting recipes and food videos abound due to all the foodie pages I've 'liked' over the years. Last week I came across a recipe for veggie burgers, with a base made from baby portabella mushrooms, black beans, and spinach. I love making interesting kind of meals like this, even though we are not vegetarian or vegan in my household, because it's fun to mix it up!

This recipe was a huge hit and you can find it here. Below are my modifications to it.

  • No onion
  • Used whole eggs instead of just the whites
  • Used store bought chipotle mayo
  • Added more spices (cayenne, smoked paprika, white pepper)
  • Baked the patties for 5 min extra on each side
This recipe made a pretty decent amount of patties. I made 6 patties and baked them, and I put the leftover "mix" in the fridge, I may use it to make a frittata for lunch tomorrow.

In the veggie burgers, I used multigrain sandwich thins and toasted them before assembling with the baked patties, romaine lettuce and chipotle mayo. My husband ate 4! I made sweet potato wedges to serve alongside the burgers, and it was the perfect tasty side dish.

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