Mrs. Carla Monti

Mrs. Carla Monti

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Juice Day One!

My girls at work are interested in Join the Reboot, a nutrition plan by an Australian named Joe Cross, who also directed the documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead", which is about making dramatic changes in diet for a healthier way of living. I am the latest one to jump on the bandwagon, nonetheless the ladies and I have started with plenty of fruits and veggies and our fancy juicers. My first attempt last night included: 1 pint strawberries + 1 pint blueberries + 1 pint raspberries...

Made on 03/28/2012.
+ 4 red apples + 2 pears...
Together with my (daddy's) lovely juicer...

And voilĂ !

Here is what I learned .... berries make beautiful colors for juice ... berries do not make much juice themselves ... berry juice is not very sweet ... adding apples to any juice will make it very sweet and delicious and thus making it unnecessary to add anything other than fruit! I am very much looking forward to adding different types of fruit and slowly incorporating veggies, starting with a citrus-carrot blend.


  1. You may just have inspired me to get out my juicer and make myself a healthful drink rather than reaching for the sweet ice tea! Funny blog

  2. Haha I definitely have to convince myself sometimes ... but it always tastes better in the end! :)